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To make your task easier (or more chaotic) you have several "Powers" at your disposal.

1 use, no wait between uses
The speed drink increases the amount of times you can move target unit by 1. It doesn't increase the amount of movements you can do per turn, though.

2 uses, wait 1 turn between uses
You can set up walls to block units from passing through certain areas. However, this also blocks your units from passing! If you need to break your own wall, select it, and then select outside the board (Ocean)

Unlimited uses, wait 3 turns between uses
Use your naval telescope to spy an enemy unit. This reveals what kind of unit it is to everyone. Never capture an unknown unit again!

4 uses, wait 3 turns between uses
Did your enemy reveal your unit? Use a ninja technique to conceal it again. With the smokebomb and substitution jutsu, you can switch the places of 2 of your units while making them unknown to your opponent at the same time.