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During this phase, each player sets up their pirates and ninjas in their starting positions.
A player's starting position is marked by areas colored with the player's color. Player 1's default color is Red, player 2's Blue.
This phase has a subphase for each unit type, to mark which unit is currently being placed.
The turn ends when a player places all his units.


The most important phase. During this one, players take turns moving their units to gather 4 pirates (win) before they get 4 ninjas (lose). In a normal 2 player game, losing is the same as the other player winning.
Each player can normally do 2 moves each turn. Moving an unit consumes 1. Likewise, using a power consumes 1 too. This phase has a subphase for each power type, to mark which power is currently being used. You can cancel by pressing the power's button again, or switch to another power by pressing it's button.