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Heads Up Display

To make your task easier (or more chaotic) you have several "Powers" at your disposal.

In the upper part of the screen, you'll see this. It shows how many units each player has. During the Setup Phase, it shows the units not yet placed, and during the Gameplay phase, it shows the retrieved units. If you retrieve an "Unknown" (?) unit, you won't be able to see what type it is, so, it may be useful to scope a unit before capturing it. That way, you can figure how many units of each type your opponent still has in the field.

This sidebar displays the status of your Powers.
Green, and it's ready for use. If there's a number, that's the remaining uses. Else, you'll see a "Ready" if it's unlimited
Gray, and it's currently selected
Yellow, and it's currently in cooldown, wait the amount of turns shown to use it again
Red, and it's spent or not available (N/A)

When you see this dialog, give your device to whoever is that Player, without pressing "OK". The game is better played if you don't see what he does during his turn.
You can use this to know if the other player cheated. If you don't start your turn with the dialog visible, your opponent may have looked at your units.

On the bottom of the screen you'll have information about your turn and a pair of buttons.
The back arrow is used to go back to the previous screen, the title screen
Next is the current phase. It can help you know which power is selected (gameplay) or which unit you are currently placing (setup)
Next is your amount of moves remaining (It also shows which player's turn it is)
The crosshair is useful to center the camera again, in case you move away from the board and get lost