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Basic Gameplay

While exploring a "Treasure Island", you find an unknown ship docked on the opposite shore to your own.
You find nothing of value, but, scouting back at your ship, you notice another crew doing the same to your ship!
Hurry back to your ship, you'll need 4 pirates to set sail. You can also trick your opponent into capturing your ninjas, and they'll make short work of them from within their camp and blow their ship.
Move by selecting a unit (Touch it) and then touching the target space. Units usually can only move 1 space, not diagonally. When their moves are exhausted, they'll become darker.

When your pirate reaches the opposite docks (the grey block surrounded by enemy colored spaces with your ship nearby), simply select your pirate (touch him) and then touch any part of the sea (X marks the spot) to order him to enter your ship.

Your opponent can't see what kind of unit each of your units is. Confuse him and use this to your advantage: Make him capture your ninjas while clearing a path for your pirates.